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Aid Call – Wireless Nurse Call Systems


A Global Leader     

As leading innovators in 21st century care solutions, Aid Call have recently strengthened their position by joining the Legrand Group.

Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Innovation is a continuing source of momentum at the heart of Legrand’s culture, it drives the Group’s growth, generating regular launches of new products with greater value-in-use, and speeding the pace of new technology-linked initiatives. With continued investment in research and development (circa 5% of sales), the Legrand Group is focused on maintaining a high rate of new product launches that present innovative solutions to the market.

With a presence in nearly 90 countries and a total workforce of over 36,000, sales of circa €4.8 billion were achieved in 2015

Legrand offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions operating as systems tailored to commercial, residential and industrial markets. Over two thirds of its sales are from products that rank first or second in their respective markets.

Legrand employs around 36,000 people in nearly 90 countries, making it the world leader in digital building infrastructures.