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Corporate Social Responsibility
Discover The Legrand Group CSR strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a brand of Legrand, Aid Call inherits its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy from The Legrand Group.

CSR is an integrated component of the our development strategy. It aims to give the us means to achieve profitable and long-lasting growth of its business activities. Because CSR is a response to the global challenges we are facing, it is intrinsically and fully integrated into our business. It involves the whole Legrand organisation: every subsidiary and entity of The Legrand Group is a stakeholder in this CSR strategy and implements it all over the world.

Four Focal Points

Our CSR strategy is based around four focal points; users, society, employees and environment.

We offer USERS sustainable solutions
Every day we innovate to that we can offer sustainable solutions and drive progress in the electrical sector.

We act ethically towards SOCIETY
Our responsibility is based on strict observance of ethical standards, particularly with our suppliers. We also promote sustainable access to electricity for all.

We commit to our EMPLOYEES
All over the world, we are committed on behalf of our employees to respecting human rights, diversity, health and safety at work, and nurturing the talents of each individual.

We limit our impact on the ENVIRONMENT
It is also our responsibility to respect the environment, particularly by reducing our energy consumption.

At Aid Call, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is totally integrated into our business.

Our CSR strategy is based on four focal points that structure our Social Responsibility.